Park believes in Mourinho

Former Manchester United forward Ji Sung Park still believes in Jose Mourinho. On the back of their latest comeback (and hopefully a fresh start with a new impetus on attacking football) he said that every team has a poor period and that it is important that the players and the fans get behind the coach, especially given that the Portuguese manager is one of the best managers in the world who will surely find a solution to their problem.

With United supposedly having one of their best games under Jose in the 3-0 home defeat to Spurs, unfortunatley their next match (a convincing win) turned out to be a false dawn, with United slipping to turgid defeats and draws in their next few games. On the eve of the Newcastle tie on Saturday, the press were asking whether it would be acceptable for Manchester United to go 5 games without a win (a sequence not seen since the David Moyes days), and pundits were calling for Mourinho to be sacked.

With Newcastle currently in the relegation zone, all the pundits giving professional football tips were saying that it should be an easy home win for United, but when they went 2-0 down in the first 10 minutes, it looked like being anything but! Mourinho made a few tactical changes and, similar to United’s previous 3-2 comeback against Man City last eason, went into all-out attack mode. It worked, with Sanchez wrapping up the third goal, and all 3 points, in injury time, to breathe new life into Mourinho’s reign.

Ji Sung Park again backed the manager – “players know what is expected of them and I’m am sure that they will lift up their game for the next match. It has been a poor start to the season, obviously, and if the players don’t step up now, some changes are needed if we want to progress.”

With the transfer window over until January, Park admitted that it is too late to speak about new arrivals and Jose will have to work with the current team – though this is the same team that finished second last season!

His final plea was for fans to get behind the team and create an atmosphere where the team can perform well – if there is some negativity around the pitch this will cause problems to the players and that they will struggle – in short, they should believe in the manager and help him to improve the team.

Ji Sung added “The Premier League has become more competitive and the most consistent team will win it. It is still early in the season and that there is still time for the team to improve.”